Are you an ExtremeGiver?

Can you imagine a world that works for everyone?

Do you believe it is time to shift our global consciousness

and energy towards love, giving and responsibility?

Are you dedicated to succeeding in a way that has others
succeed as well?

We can.  We do.  And we are.

Right now, there are people and organizations everywhere
that are giving in unique and powerful ways.

Everyone has the capacity for extreme giving, and the chorus
of our voices can bring our hearts together and pave the
way for global peace. The world is filled with Extreme Givers
that we don’t hear about everyday.

This website is inspired by graduates of Legacy Center’s leadership programs who spend three months making a significant contribution to the world community.  During the Legacy Center leadership program, teams design extreme makeover projects.  These Legacy Center projects can only take two days to complete, team members cannot use their own money, and they need to inspire community members to perform 75% of the work.  Budgets average well over $50,000.   Failure is not an option.

This website is dedicated to highlight all the Extreme Givers and Extreme Giver projects from around the globe.

Read about Legacy Center leaders and others and share your own accomplishments
that have had an impact on local and global communities.
Acknowledge the growing and learning that has inspired
you to be an extreme giver.  Add your voice to the conversations
that are shaping the future of our planet.  Your story gets to be told!

How have you or your company contributed to the world
in an extreme way? How did you overcome restrictions
on time or money, discomfort, risk, inconvenience, geography,
contrary opinions of others or your own fears?
What was the stand you took when others said it was impossible?

Tell your story.  Have your voice be heard.

Inspire others.  Be inspired.

Declare, I am an ExtremeGiver.

Submit your ExtremeGiver Story and any photos that go with it.

What did you create?
What were your challenges?
What were your lessons?
Be an inspiration and add to the growing consciousness in the world that giving and love is a common occurrence on our planet.
Who knows?
You may create another ExtremeGiver through your story!

“Love is the only sane and satisfactory answer to the problem of human existence” - Eric Fromm